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Brick & Portal is a social commerce platform, which brings the true experience of shopping with friends online. Users can create and request unique outfits for any occasion specially designed for each other with the Brick & Portal app.

Brick & Portal allows users to request and curate outfits for each other from a robust cornucopia of items found at top retailers such as Saks and Bloomingdales. A fashionista can now not just get asked for obscure fashion advice on what to wear on a special occasion, but get a concrete request with budget and event in mind. For the curator, the process is like dressing a barbie, gamified and exciting, where a complete look can also be sent to someone outside of the network - naturally spreading the word about this great new way to shop with friends online.

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Create your own outfit, or search for outfit inspirations with hashtags on our platform.

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Ask a friend or an influencer whose style you love for an outfit

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Shop from over 3 millions items available and share the ones you love with friends

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