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30 Weeks Demo Night NYC

by Amanda Kok
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What happens when you pack 16 brilliant designers to work together in one space for 30 weeks?
Tonight at their demo, we got a sneak peak of #flauntworthy projects they came up with!


We got a chance to see inventors from across the globe showcase the ideas they brought to life in an inspiring 30-week journey. (Now that’s an international hustle Brick & Portal is familiar with!) This impressive bunch of designers presented super fun inventions; one of our faves was an app that turns your commute into a race with your colleagues and rewards greener behaviors; making your morning more social and fun as you compete to be the ultimate sustainability champion! - LUV @MÜV!
The only way to preserve whats left of mother nature is to reduce global pollution, one commuter app at a time!

Check out the designers HERE!


We’re so inspired with 30 Weeks’ success! And definitely weren’t the only ones stoked with the event.



Awesome job 30 Weeks! Can’t wait to see what you guys put on the market next year! ;)

Talk soon & keep tastemaking!

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