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5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Mood

by Emilio Bahringer
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Happy November! We can’t believe 2016 is almost over and we’re sure you might be stressing about still not starting your new year’s resolution. Instead of worrying about losing the weight you promised you would, or the money you swore you’d save, don’t fret! Brick & Portal has the tips & tricks for lifting your mood and getting your relax on, instantly and naturally.

1. Stretch Your Stress Away
Yoga and Exercise are definitely some of the most effective ways to not only lift your mood but keep it lifted. Exercising gives you endorphins that make you happy! No extra time during your busy day? Try our favorite five-minute stretch right before bed, for an instant de-stressing that helps you sleep better!



2. Spice Up Your Mood
We know sometimes spicy Thai food can help your bad day just because it satisfies your ultimate cravings, but it turns out that the spice in the food is actually working to cure your bad mood! The element of food that makes it spicy is called Capsaicin, and the more of it that your body intakes, the more endorphins your brain releases in order to fight off the heat!

3. Fake It ‘till You Make It
This may seem strange, but research has shown that just smiling and acting happier can actually put you in a better mood. When you put on a smile that uses muscles around the eyes and mouth, it triggers changes in brain activity that are linked to happy moods. Doing this may also affect more pleasant social interactions throughout your day, so definitely try putting on a happy face, literally!

4. Gratitude Attitude
Take a beat and think about what you are thankful for in your life and show it some love! Taking some time to be grateful lets you focus on all the positive things instead of the negative in a natural way. You might find yourself becoming more optimistic over time! With Thanksgiving coming soon, this is the perfect time to remember what we’re thankful for.

5. Be Nutty
Make a habit of eating foods that have Omega-3, a substance that is linked to enhancing your mood and brain function. You can find Omega-3 in things like walnuts and salmon, and lots of other seafood. Who knew you could find so much happiness in a salad?



Get yourself ready for jolly spirits using these natural, easy mood-boosting tips!


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