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5 Favorite Summer Cocktail Recipes

by Team Brick & Portal
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Did someone say boozy brunch? We’re in! Summer is all about relaxing in the sun and having fun with an ice cold beverage in hand! We’ve rounded up our favorite summer cocktail recipes that are sweet & refreshing to satisfy any craving. So at your next summer BBQ, you’ll have the perfect mixed drink that’s Brick & Portal approved!


The Firecracker

Fourth of July cocktail, anyone? Plus, this drink features everyone’s favorite summertime fruit, watermelon. Creative Culinary whips up an easy drink to make with cucumber vodka, watermelon, limes, and simple syrup. With this recipe, you’ll be the hit of the BBQ!


Strawberry Frosé

Yes way, Frosé! Take a sweeter approach on the classic rosé drink by turning it into a strawberry infused slushy. This recipe, from Delish, requires a blender, rosé, vodka, ice, lemon juice and fresh strawberries. Yum!


Bellini Moonshiner

Moonshine has a reputation of being the strongest liquor around but this cocktail is toned down for the lightweights out there. The Country Living recipe contains peaches, basil leaves, champagne, moonshine, confectioners sugar, sparkling water, and lime juice. Drink up!


Fresh Mint Margarita

Anyone can use a margarita, and any margarita could use some mint! This Delish recipe takes the normal ingredients of margaritas (tequila, lime, triple sec, etc.) and adds in fresh mint for a refreshing taste perfect for summer! Salute!


Blueberry Mojito

Speaking of mint! Must we mention one of our favorite summer rum cocktails: the mojito! Add a twist on your mojito by throwing in some blueberries. Not only will it bring out a great flavor but it will be a nice colorful mixed drink to add to your menu!


Try out these fun cocktail recipes and cheers to a wonderful summer ahead!


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