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5 Gifts Travelers Actually Want This Season

by Team Brick & Portal
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Here's the deal: people are sick of getting the same old lame Christmas gifts, especially travelers. The people in your life that are always on-the-go need gifts that will actually be beneficial to their lifestyles. They don’t need another pair of socks, or a book on how to backpack through Asia (although that could be useful). Travelers need Christmas gifts that will make their traveling expenditures a little easier; gifts that will become their go-to travel essentials. So, for those of you who are clueless to what we’re talking about, we have provided you with 5 gift ideas that travelers actually want this Christmas. Check it out!

1. Travel-Size Makeup Kits


Listen, anyone who frequently travels understands that packing makeup can be one of the hardest tasks on Earth. Travelers are constantly searching for travel kits and miniature lipsticks, blushes, etc. for easy storage in their luggage. A great gift would be a cute travel bag filled with small holiday inspired lipsticks and mascaras. These travel gifts have become quite popular amongst many beauty brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, and more! Finding the perfect travel-sized makeup kit will be as easy as an island breeze. And guess what...your traveler will actually use it!

2. Tech Organizers


When traveling, bringing all of your favorite electronics is a must. Tech organizers are mini compartmentalized satchels that can carry everything from your laptop to your phone and chargers. These organizers make traveling with electronics super easy, which is why they are the perfect gifts for your travelers.

3. Headphones


Headphones are great for creating a comfortable and relaxing travel environment. Whether your traveler is on a flight, a bus ride, or walking through one of the world’s greatest cities; headphones will be their favorite travel accessory. When purchasing headphones you want to make sure that they are noise canceling, comfortable, and have clear sound quality...and a stylistic appeal helps too! Some of the best brands to check out are Beats by Dr.Dre, Bose or Sony.

4. Portable Chargers


Portable Chargers are gifts that everyone needs. When traveling, losing power on your phone, tablet, or computer is so common. But when it comes to finding ports that can charge your devices...the struggle is real. That’s why portable chargers are so handy. These hot gifts will be sure to satisfy all of your travelers charging needs.

5. Luggage


When we think of travelers, we think of one thing...LUGGAGE! Travelers always need a good pair of suitcases to take their goods around the world and back again. Purchasing a luggage set that is both stylish and sturdy will be of good use to your traveler this season. You can find various great luggage from multiple travel lines such as Raden, Samsonite and more!

This Christmas, download the Brick & Portal app and create your own gift-list looks. Don’t forget to share the look with Santa!

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