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5 Money Saving Apps for 2017

by Team Brick & Portal
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Tis the season for pretending to get started on those new year’s resolutions we make every year! We’re assuming at least one of your plans was to save more money, and if it was, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up our favorite apps that help budget managing and saving, stress-free! Now you’ll have no excuse not to spend a little extra on yourself at Brick & Portal!



How It Helps: Mint gives you a summary of your incomes, expenses and investments clearly concisely and is one of the few money managing apps that also includes a free credit score tracker!

The Best Part: You can view and pay all of your bills within the app! Manage getting your alerts to see when your next bill is due and pay it off with the tap of a button!


How it Helps: Acorns effortlessly saves money from your bank account in small amounts by using a ‘round-up’ system. Imagine your morning bagel costs you $3.30, the remaining 70 cents go to your savings. Completely stress-free!

The Best Part: Unlike other apps, it not only saves your money but actually invests it, too. Feel free to ditch the stocks app and just simply select a portfolio of how aggressively you'd like to invest and voila! In just weeks you’ll notice small increases from what you originally saved.


How it Helps: Digit creates a savings account using money in your bank that you wouldn’t even notice went missing. It analyzes your bank activity to see how much you can afford to save without breaking the bank! You have full control to save, withdraw, or pause the savings as much as you’d like.

The Best Part: It’s stress-free saving that feels like you’re finding money!


How It Helps: Qapital organizes your saving goals however you’d like. You can set up a goal like “Student Loans” and set triggers so that certain transactions will withdraw money for your savings.

The Best Part: You’re in full control over your automatic savings in the most fun way possible. Set up triggers like ‘save every time you spend too much at Bloomingdales’ or ‘save for every time you go a day without a Starbucks coffee.” Have a little fun with this feature and save in the meantime!


How it Helps: PocketGuard shows you all your finances with just a glance. It connects all of your banks and quick pay accounts, making it your own virtual wallet.

The Best Part: It breaks down your income and expenses to show you exactly how much you have to spend for the week without going broke!


Get these apps ASAP and rack in the savings! Reward yourself after with some splurge shopping at Brick & Portal! ;)


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