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5 Winter Weather Essentials

by Team Brick & Portal
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Brrrr, it’s cold out here in NYC! Winter is brewin' and it’s time to break out the winter wardrobe! It’s been mostly warm this year, so check out our five winter weather essentials you must have in your closet (and where to find the best ones) to stay warm this season!

1. Boots, Socks, & Leg Warmers, Oh My!

Sometimes you can have all the layers you need, but if your feet are cold or wet, you’re sure to be cold no matter what. Get yourself socks and boots you swear by in slushy weather, that’ll keep your feet dry from door to door. We recommend Canadian brand Sorel, a unique footwear company that specializes in winter boots that will keep your feet warm even on the coldest days.

2. Parka Love

No need to lose your trendy looks when the temperature drops outside. Parkas are where warm and cozy meets stylish. Find the best ones at Patagonia, a more affordable alternative to Canada Goose. Patagonia’s Parkas are waterproof, which is ideal for those snowy winter days.

3. Scarves, Scarves & More Scarves

Whether it’s one everyday-scarf or a different scarf for every outfit, these are great accessories made to keep you warm so don’t forget them! When it comes to scarves, the bigger the better! We recommend oversized scarves from Zara. Save money and stay warm with Zara’s fashionable and functional blanket scarves during the cold, windy days of winter!

4. Turtleneck Weather

When you’re not feelin’ the scarf & parka look, try a turtleneck sweater instead! Turtlenecks are basically sweaters + scarves so you can save the need for the extra accessory with this hybrid top. We love turtlenecks from Free People. Not only are their turtlenecks amazingly soft, but they are also oversized, which creates a perfect winter silhouette when paired with skinny jeans.

5. Must-Have Hat

We know you don’t want to mess up your dolled up hair, but knit hats are always perfect for an adorable look! Not to mention, it’s basically a blanket for your head, perfect for the NYC windy days! Shop the best knit hats at J. Crew, where they have an array of plain, printed, and textured knit hats.


There you have it! Shop brands and essentials like these all found on Brick & Portal and you’re all set for even the coldest days in NYC this winter. Stay warm!

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