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Back to School Backpack Essentials

by Team Brick & Portal
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Winter break is almost over! We’re sure you want to kick start this semester on the right note and Brick & Portal has just what you need!

Check out our back to school - backpack essentials to start your semester with all the student goodies you can get on a budget, all found on Brick & Portal!

1. Tablet/Laptop Case

Keep your electronics protected and cute this semester with this NYC skyline laptop case!

2. Relaxing Phone Case

Get yourself a phone case that relaxes you. Use it as a reminder to focus and stay calm when midterms are making you crazy!

3. Gold Money Paper Clip

This super cute money clip will fit anywhere and match your school-girl look so well! Plus it’s so unique!

4. Quick Hair Dry Spray

Running late and no time to do your hair? Never that! Take this hair dry spray on the go for a quick and effortless great hair day!

5. ID Holder

Keep it simple and never lose your school ID with this cute & easy-to-carry ID holder!

6. Wireless Mini Back Massager

Nothing to do in between classes? Take this wireless mini back massager with you for a quick session of absolute relaxation. You’ll need this when finals roll around!

7. Unique Notebook

Ditch your boring binder for this adorable notebook with notes on the right and a folder for papers and business cards on the left, leaving you space for everything in one place!

8. Accessory Pouch

Pencils, paper clips & staples, oh my! Carry all your school stuff in style in this cute accessory pouch this semester!

9. Adorable Backpack

Wrap it all up in one trendy bag! Check out our favorite one to show up to class in style!


You’re all set! Shop these essentials on Brick & Portal and take this semester by storm!

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