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Brick & Portal's 7 Relaxing Must-Haves

by Mnbcc Mnbcx
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Brick & Portal say relax! The semester has picked up and you might find yourself very stressed! Since syllabus week is over and midterms are on the way, you’re probably thinking, “Rate my Professor didn’t prepare me for this” and “When’s spring break?” You’re probably about ready to drop a class but Relax! Don’t do it! Brick & Portal has some tips for an utterly relaxing evening, sure to destress your busy schedule.


  1. Lashes for Days Velvet Sleep Mask
    When rest needs your undivided attention, you’ll need this.

  2. CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture
    The right soothing lotion is sure to help you relax instantly, this is the one! Your welcome ;)

  3. Maison Margiela Semi-Sheer Socks
    Sometimes all you need is soft socks to get you through the day. Your feet will thank you.

  4. Turkish Coffee Candle
    Who can resist a fragrant coffee candle? We’re feeling calmer already.

  5. Pumpkin Chai Fragrance
    Just the added oomph you needed to make a cozy atmosphere at home!

  6. Caeden Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
    Two words; Noise cancelling! Tune out & relax, or tune in to your favorite calming music. We suggest Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing.

  7. Ambre Vanilla Bath Honey
    No relaxing night is complete without a nice warm bath. Switch it up a little with bath honey, leaving your skin super smooth.

Try these items from Brick & Portal combined with your favorite binge-watchable show and late-night take out for instant de-stressing! Ready, set, unwind!

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