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Chic Gold Details You'll Love

by Team Brick & Portal
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Nothing like some gold accent details to have the chicest home decor! Whether you’re redesigning your dorm room or adding finishing touches to your bedroom, check out these cute, classy & chic must-have pieces for your home!

1. Gold Rim Teapot

Have yourself a cup of tea in this refined small teapot, or better yet put it up on a shelf for a unique decor style!


2. Polka Dot Tumblr

This polka-dotted tumblr is perfect whether it’s on the go or on your desk, it’s a must-have!


3. Small Sham Pillow

Rest your head in minimalist gold decor!


4. Gold Accent Marble Vase

Have it all when marble design meets gold outlines! Pair it with flowers or use it as a makeup brush holder to ensure some serious envy from your guests!


5. Minimalist Candleholder

Like most adorable candles, this one will brighten up your room whether it’s lit or not!


6. Desk Decor Piece

Add this small nature reminding detail to top off your work space!


7. Simple Gold Rim Frame

Complete this accent piece with your best selfie or a pic of you and bae, either way, we’re loving this simple gold frame!


8. Jewelry Tray

The perfect addition to any room for your everyday ring and pearl earrings to rest on!


9. Stone Gold Coasters

These simple stone coasters are so trendy right now, and we see why!


10. Desk Sculpture Decor

You’ll need a unique desktop piece that defines the room, this is it!


Shop these decor essentials at Brick & Portal to give your house guests something to envy this year!


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