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DIY Chic Desktop Calendar

by Team Brick & Portal
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Time for another DIY! For everyone promising themselves to be more organized this year, we’ve got the cutest addition to your work desk! Recycle those gift tags you didn’t use this Christmas for an adorable, easy to make desktop calendar!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Find them all at Target for under $15!

  • Wooden Box ($3)

  • Sharpie Markers ($3.99)

  • Gift Tags ($4.99)

  • Small Hooks ($2.49)

Power Drill may be necessary

Step One: Line up your cards however you'd like them to hang.

Step Two: Make a mark where the place card will hang from using one of your sharpie markers.

Step Three: Drill a small hole where the marks are placed.

Step Four: Slowly twist in the small hooks into the drilled hole. Hint: Try adding extra hooks on the bottom of the frame to turn your tray into a key holder for your doorway!

Step Five: Now the fun part. Start labeling your dates and months!

Step Six: Use your marker to add a ‘confetti’ look to the gift tags, or get creative and design them however you’d like!

Step Seven: Hang the gift tags on the hooks and you’re all finished!

Voila! Just another super unique detail for your workspace that will have everyone wondering where you got it from!

Stay tuned for more fun and easy DIYs from Brick & Portal! Happy crafting! :)

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