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Unique DIY Holiday Message Board

by Team Brick & Portal
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The holiday season is upon us! We know how stressful holiday shopping and preparing can be, and we need adorable ways to stay organized! Check out this super easy DIY Dry Erase Message board for under $15, to help out so you don't miss a beat this season!

Here's What You'll Need:

Hint: You can get all of these for under $15 at Target!

  • Glass Picture frame $3.99 (8x10 or whatever size you prefer!)
  • Post it notes $3.50
  • Detail Stickers $3.79
  • Dry Erase Marker $3.29

Take the glass frame off and start by using post-it notes as a background to lay out your message board. Simply stick the post-it notes on top of one another, (use tape if necessary). We chose three columns but you can add more depending on the size of the frame, or however fits your organizing needs!


When you’re happy without the board layout, put the frame back together. (Be careful to avoid too many fingerprints!) Next, break out the stickers and label each column. We chose ones like "Things to do" and "Remember" labels, perfect for remembering everything on our shopping lists!

Now decorate! We added a couple detail stickers at the bottom to make a picture perfect message board! So unique and people will think it's store bought for sure!

Try making your own this season to avoid getting caught up in the chaotic holiday shuffle, or make one as a thoughtful gift for someone special!

Happy holidays!


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