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DIY Mason Jar Candle Decor

by Team Brick & Portal
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It’s DIY time and nothing says crafty like Mason Jars! We’re getting creative with some candles, flowers and a pretty bow, to make this Mason Jar decor! You can do it at home too for under $15! Follow these tips for some super easy & unique jar candles!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Mason Jars ($1 at Michael’s)

  • Pearl Stickers ($3 at Michael’s)

  • Artificial Flowers ($3 at Michael’s)

  • Ribbon ($2 at Michael’s)

  • Glue Gun ($3)

  • Single Mini Candles ($.89 at Rite Aid)

Step One: Press your glue gun onto the centerpiece jar where you want the bow to stay and wrap your ribbon around it into a bow.

Step Two: Add some pearl stickers around the middle or top of the jar!

Step Three: Add pearls to the rest of the jars, too!

Step Four: Place your candles into the jars, light them and wait for the wax to melt. Add more candles/wax if necessary.

Step Five: Add artificial (or real) flowers to the center mason jar for some adorable decor!


Light the candles and enjoy your new mason jar decor!


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