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Fourth Of July Do's & Don'ts

by Team Brick & Portal
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Are you BBQ & firework ready? We hope so because it's almost the fourth of July! This year we want you to have the ultimate BBQ this year, so we've rounded up 5 Do's & Dont's for the most sparktacular party yet!


Do Let Sparks Fly

We know the fireworks are the main event, but don’t forget about the sparklers! These insta-worthy handheld details will definitely help make your party snap, crackle & pop!


Don’t Ignore Firework Safety

Fireworks are amazing, but let’s not forget the keyword: fire! As fun as they can be, they should be handled with caution to keep the fun going!


Do Have Fun with the Menu

We know the standard BBQ staples: hot dogs & burgers, but why not have a little fun with your menu this year? Whether it’s patriotic popsicle treats or a fun cocktail, red white & blue sweets are a great way to make your party unique! Hint: For a great ‘Firecracker’ cocktail recipe, check out our latest blogs on our favorite summer mixed drinks!


Don’t Forget About Games!

In between the burgers and the sparklers, you might want to give your guests something else to the Independence Day joy going. Here’s your chance to get creative with a fun patriotic scavenger hunt, or keep it simple in the heat with a good water balloon fight! Either way, have fun!


Do Show Your Pride!

No - it is not tacky to wear red, white & blue every year on the fourth! It is the best way to show your pride and that’s what the holiday is all about! Feel free to rock your white & red converse and your flag bandana today. ;)



Do use these tips for an awesome Independence Day BBQ! Happy Fourth ‘Merica from Brick & Portal!

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