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Guide To Essential Rings

by Team Brick & Portal
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Chokers, hoop earrings, & mid-rings, oh my! We’re loving all the accessory trends these days, so we’ve rounded up the absolute must-have rings all found on Brick & Portal! Add these to your jewelry drawer to have an oscar-winning ring collection.

Turquoise Stone Essential Ring

This stone turquoise ring will go perfectly with a natural look. Try earthy colors and a long cardigan to pull the outfit together!

Simple Triangle Essential Ring

Every girl needs a simple ring to top off a casual look. Try this cute ring with a white tee and ripped jeans for a laid back style!

Pearl Lip Essential Ring

A little lip, a little pearl, this ring is for any girl! This one will pair with any playful look so try it with your platform boots and ripped jeans for a foxy trend!

Single Diamond Essential Midi Ring

No ring collection is complete without a midi-ring! This simple one pairs well with so many looks from floral to silk, casual or dressy!

Long Gold Oval Essential Ring

This super unique long oval & gold ring is sure to add a touch of class to your attire. Pair it with something dressy, and maybe some pearls!

Sea Green Block Essential Ring

This sea-colored asymmetrical ring is great for rounding out your trendy look. Pair it with velvet or mesh for an all out fashion-forward style.

Trio Pear Stone Essential Ring

This distinctive trio stone ring is sure to make your hand pop! Pair it with a cool white & rose gold color tone to effortlessly stand out even with casual attire!

Linked Band Essential

We love these sophisticated linked band rings and you’ll love them even more with skinny jeans and studded heels for a glamorous outfit!

Signature Gucci Essential Ring

Not sure which one of these rings is your favorite? You can never go wrong with a signature Gucci ring as adorable as this one that will go with just about anything in your wardrobe!


And the oscar for Best Ring goes to… Brick & Portal!

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