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Guide to Finding Your Signature Scent

by Team Brick & Portal
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Want to make yourself stand out in a room full of people? Help bring back memories, give your hair, clothing, and body its very own signature? All you need is to find your perfect fragrance! However, finding that one perfect scent is easier said than done. Check out our step-by-step guide to finding the perfume that will make you more memorable than ever!

Scents, Perfumes & Fragrances - Oh My!

  • The first thing you should do is find a scent that you like. When starting off you should choose something light and nothing too overbearing and strong. A lighter scent will give off a clean airy scent without smelling too loud.

  • When finding a good scent, you need to try out notes that appeal to you whether it be citrus, vanilla, musk, or floral. Its will be easier to rule out scents this way and narrow it down to your favorites.

  • Once you have it down to what notes you like go off from there. Pick something that coincides with your personality and style.


Sample Your Scents on Your Senses

  • Get a sample of a few perfumes you like to test them out. See how long they last throughout the day, how the smell changes once on you, and how it affects your mood.

  • It's good to have a few different perfumes in your collection that are diverse. Have one for every day, one for going out, and one that’s a confidence booster.

  • Don’t worry too much about price when it comes to perfume, you can find a scent you love on any budget. Just keep in mind that sometimes inexpensive perfumes tend to be louder and fade away easily, while more expensive perfumes are subtle and can last all day.


Shop Your Scents

  • Once you’ve found your scent-soulmate, shop away! Still having trouble finding the one you’re meant to be with? Try some of the #FRAGRANCESWELOVE here at Brick & Portal!



Now it will be hard finding that perfect scent, but it’s totally worth it. Trust us! Comment below and tell us about your favorite fragrances!


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