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Progressive, Original, Independent; Aquarius

by Team Brick & Portal
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Aquarius Season Paris Hilton Style Brick and Portal

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and possibly one of the most intriguing. Born shy and quiet, the Aquarius is highly intellectual and a deep thinker. Aquarius is an air sign, meaning that many Aquarius’s enjoy the advantages of having a free-flowing mind, and anything that will limit their minds capabilities will inherently limit them. The Aquarius person strongly dislikes limitations, broken promises, and being lonely or bored. Which is why the Aquarius exceeds at helping others and solving problems. The Aquarius lives for the weekend, it allows them to show off their more eccentric and energetic qualities, which explains why the best day for an Aquarius is Saturday!

The Style Icon

Paris Hilton the Ultimate Aquarius Style Icon Brick and Portal

Paris Hilton is the embodiment of the ultimate Aquarius. Paris Hilton, born on February 17th, is known to the world for being an established socialite. Paris is spotted at the world’s hottest events and vacations in the most elite destinations ever! Though this party girl may seem to be Ms.popularity, she holds true to the Aquarius’s true nature of being shy and quiet, yet the star of every party.

When it comes to style, Paris is in her own lane. Always sporting top designer pieces, Paris is known for her classic pastel colors, metallic silvers, and of course...her PINKS!!! When Paris is feeling more reserved and business-minded, she is typically seen strutting the streets in a simple black dress or maybe even a pink one! However, when Saturday strikes and day turns into night, Paris is full-on glam wearing lavish silvers, metallics, and studs!

Fashion Must-Haves

Paris Hilton Style Icon Aquarius Must Haves Brick and Portal

Like their style icon Paris Hilton, many Aquarius’s enjoy making bold yet sophisticated fashion choices. The Aquarius must wear items that are unique enough to show off their individuality while making them look luxurious and undefeatable. The perfect style accessory for an Aquarius is sequins! Sequins are bold, yet lavish; with enough shine to capture the attention of everyone around them. Sequins will also make the Aquarius seem more intriguing than their sometimes shy personality will portray them as.

Besides sequins, the Aquarius should stick to the colors silver and black. These two colors portray the two opposing personality traits that every Aquarius possesses. Black indicates the reserved, quiet, and independent side of the Aquarius, while silver shows off their fun, bold, and carefree characteristics. Both colors are solid, which is great for the Aquarius’s desire for power and need for fluidity in life.  

For the Aquarius, we have chosen a gorgeously sequined Roberto Cavalli knitted mini dress that is seamlessly paired with YSL pumps featuring a metallic silver heel. Plus, we added a dose of BLING, BLING to specifically show off the Aquarius's highly detailed and sophisticated sense of style.


Aquarian Style Look Paris Hilton Brick and Portal

Aquarius season this year will be filled with ups and downs. The Aquarius will often find itself questioning the changes happening in their personal life. Instead of over-thinking about the outcome of various situations, the Aquarius needs to be more open to change. It will be the things that the Aquarius is questioning the most this season that will get them to their destiny. The Aquarius affirmation for this month is… “I am open to the future.” Keep an open mind and good things will come to you!

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