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Red Hot Looks For VDay

by Team Brick & Portal
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Having trouble deciding what to wear on your hot date tomorrow? Red - of course! Whether you’re doing it up big this V-day or keeping it casual, Brick & Portal has the right red ensembles for you that your date will love!


The Classy Sheer Blouse

This blouse is everything you need to prove that you can look sexy, casual and classy all on one date!


The Casual Date Sweater

If you’re keeping it more simple this V-day, this sweater is a perfect fit! Slip this on and check out the best wine bar in your neighborhood for a refined date night!


The Edgy Red Dress

Dress to impress this Valentine’s day with this paneled piece that’ll leave him on his toes!


The Oversized Pink & Red Jacket

We love this oversized coat with all the right splashes of red, perfect for making a statement without going red-overboard!


The Red Trousers

Nothing better to complete a date night that you can also be comfy in than these hot red trousers!


The Elegant Gown

If your honey told you to lay out your best dress for a fancy night out, this is the one you’ll need! This is one gorgeous silhouette you’ll both love!


The Unique Boutique Dress

You might think a red dress on Valentine’s day can be expected, so try this dress with a splash of blue! Remind your date that you always have a surprise up your sleeve! ;)


The Mink Fur Vest

Don’t know where you’re going this V-day? Throw this mink fur vest on for almost any date attire! It works in more upscale places or casual dinners, either way, you’ll look glamorous!


The Statement Red Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is the perfect statement piece to complete your date night look and keep him guessing! ;)


The Tight Velvet Dress

The best dress you can wear on your date is the one that flatters you! The one that makes you feel sexy is the one he’ll adore - and this ever so alluring dress is perfect for that!


Shop these looks on Brick & Portal for the perfect red ensemble this Valentine’s Day!


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