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Red White & Blue Ensemble Pieces!

by Team Brick & Portal
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Time to break out the Red, White & Blue ensembles! Having a wardrobe crisis? No worries, Brick & Portal has got you covered! Check out these colorful pieces that will make you sparkle like the fireworks!

#1 Classic White Converse - the classic chucks that go perfectly with a Red, White & Blue theme!

#2 Red Velvet Bow Tie - An adorable way to accent your look!

#3 Flag Baseball Hat - Top off your casual bbq look with this cute &  simple hat!

#4 White Kitty Sunglasses - A simple way to keep the sun away!

#5 Burberry Red Clutch - This Burberry signature clutch will pull together any ensemble!

#6 Nars Red Polish - a little red polish couldn’t hurt anyone, right?

#7 “Firework” Red Lipstick - firework red lip splash, yes please!

#8 Short-Sleeved Red Velvet Dress - because you can never have too much red velvet ;)

#9 Asymmetric Blue Striped Skirt - this flowy skirt is sure to make you pop!


Shop these red, white & blue ensembles and Happy Memorial Day from Brick & Portal!


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