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Scorpio Energy Dives Deep This Season

by Jenn Lee
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It is officially Scorpio season, which means it is time for all the fabulous ladies born under the water sign between October 23rd and November 21st to celebrate their inner strength and power. While Scorpios are typically best-known for their intensity, passion, and independence, they also tend to be very mysterious and secretive beings. Thus, doomed to be the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. But who doesn’t love a little mystery? Let’s rejoice in all things Scorpio and take the time to celebrate by sharing our favorite Scorpio-themed inspirations. 

Go To Style Icon: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the ultimate Scorpio style icon. She has become one of the world’s most famous supermodels of the generation and graces the runways of every big name fashion label in the industry. This can be attributed to the fact that she has many of the traditional Scorpio traits such as secrecy, seduction, and power. Growing up in the spotlight of her famous family, Kendall has always been the most mysterious of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. She values her privacy, as many Scorpios do, and is not usually making news headlines other than for her career.

As a typical Scorpio, she is goal-oriented and has put her focus on taking her career to the highest level possible. Most notably by appearing on the cover of the September issue of Vogue in 2016, which is the magazine’s biggest and most significant edition of the year.

Did we mention how amazing her style is? Whether she’s running errands during the day or appearing on the red carpet, Kendall always looks undeniably chic. Her style for prestigious events tends to be bold, sexy, and daring. At last year’s Met Gala, she stunned in a barely there, boudoir-inspired La Perla slip gown and looked incredible. At the event a year prior, she made another bold statement in an Atelier Versace cut-out gown. She is not afraid to take risks with her style and exudes confidence, like many Scorpio ladies.

Go To Date Spot: Dear Irving

Dear Irving Eating brickandportal

For those lucky enough to score a date with a Scorpio woman, we know the perfect spot for your next date night. Dear Irving, located in the trendy NYC neighborhood Gramercy, is the ideal date spot for a Scorpio, whether this is a first date or your 10 year anniversary. The bar/restaurant is a vintage speakeasy-style reminiscent of the 1920s and has an ambiance that will intrigue your mysterious Scorpio woman.

Dear Irving Intimate space Brick and Portal blog

Dear Irving offers versatility for all types of Scorpios with a variety of decorative/themed rooms. For a more introverted Scorpio, having a seat at a table in an intimate, dimly lit room is the perfect spot to connect with her and engage in a deep conversation. She will feel at ease because of the mystery and privacy that bar offers.

Upscale Space Scorpio blog post

For a Scorpio who is more extroverted, Dear Irving has plenty of well-lit and populated areas for her to mingle and show you her energetic and confident side. Scorpios are natural-born leaders and having a space to socialize with a little mystery will make her feel powerful and will showcase her charming, charismatic self.

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Scorpio Accessories

Kendall Jenner Scorpio

Just like style icon Kendall Jenner, Scorpios are not afraid to make bold statements when it comes to fashion. Rocking a bold, fashion-forward accessory will make a statement and grab the attention and envy of others. This bedazzled, black velvet Gucci mini bag is the perfect accessory for a Scorpio. It has a dramatic design that will ignite excitement and intrigue for a passionate Scorpio. The red crystal florals make the bag pop and the black velvet is incredibly trendy this season for fall and winter. Not to mention, black and red are the water sign’s signature colors. It also can be worn as a shoulder bag or carried as a clutch bag, meaning it can be styled for multiple occasions for a busy Scorpio with a booked schedule. This Gucci bag is luxurious and timeless, making it the ultimate combination for resourceful Scorpios who tend to value quality over quantity. Get ready to radiate and have all eyes drawn your way with this stunning statement bag.

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