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Spring Beauty Trends 2017

by Team Brick & Portal
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Spring is in bloom beauty lovers! This is the time to refresh your skin from the brittle cold, brighten your makeup routine, or experiment with a new look. Here are some beauty trends to test out before the season is over.


The Long Hair Trend

Take inspiration from Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, who have both surfaced with waist-long locks recently. Get the look by using a straightening serum and a flat iron to make your hair silky. If you don’t have super long hair, you can still achieve this look by wearing extensions.


The Braid Trend

Micro braids are cute for making a dull hairstyle into a more boho one! Add a few small braids in different sections of your hair whether it’s straight or wavy. The braids will give your hair texture and can be worn either down or in a ponytail.


The Red Lip Trend

A red pout is a must have for spring. Red lips can be bold or subtle and are super versatile. Find your go-to shade or play around with fifty shades of red.


The Natural Brow Trend

No more harsh brows this year. Feather brows embrace the natural shape of your eyebrows by using very little product and brushing your eyebrows upward. If you don’t have the time to grow full brows, check out microblading which gives you full brows in a small time.


The Natural Look Trend

Freshly awoken skin is the name of the game. Get the no makeup look by mixing a dollop of your foundation with your daily moisturizer. If that’s too much work then go for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer to attain the same goal.


The Face Mask Trend

If you didn’t hop on the face mask bandwagon yet then you are truly missing out! Face masks are great to use for any type of skin issues. From redness, dryness, oiliness there are hundreds to choose from to combat any skin issue. Plus they are super relaxing! We recommend this one from Brick & Portal, so break out the cucumbers!


The Glitter Trend

Glitter is everywhere this year. For your face: dot some glitter on your eyes for a little sparkle when you blink or go for full blown glitter lips. You can go wild with glitter by putting it in your hair or you can opt to put it on your body.


The Glowy Skin Trend

Glowy skin has been all over the runways this year which means that it’s going to be here this spring! Create glowy skin by swiping a highlighter on your cheekbones or using illuminator drops.  


Don’t be afraid to try out one or more of these trends this Spring!


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