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Spring Break Must-Haves

by Team Brick & Portal
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With Spring Break rapidly approaching there are some essentials that you should put in your suitcase wherever your destination may be. Brick & Portal has everything you need so don’t worry!

Essentials on The Beach

#1 Hat

Whether it’s a snapback or a floppy hat, a hat comes in handy more than you think. Wear it if you’re having a bad hair day or don’t feel like doing it, protecting your face from the sun, or as a fun accessory.

#2 Sunscreen

Protect your skin against the harmful rays while out in the sun. Remember to reapply every few hours and to use a sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher because safe skin is always in!

#3 Sandals

Show off your pedicure with cute and comfortable sandals. Flip Flops are a no go because they lack support for your feet and are too easy to lose.

#4 Bathing Suit

A trendy bathing suit is a must have for any spring breaker! It’s easy to get lost in the crowd with something that doesn't’ stand out. Go for a bathing suit that isn’t a solid color and is made out of comfortable material.

#5 Beach Towel

This beach and pool staple is important for anyone heading into the water. Same thing as a bathing suit, stay away from solid colors and go for a terry cloth material. You don’t want to lose your towel in a sea of other beach/pool goers.


Essentials In the Sun

#6 Sneakers

Throw on your sneakers when you’re tired of your sandals and want to give your toes a rest. Sneakers are perfect to bring in case you do an outdoor activity or you want a laid back look.

#7 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have for any sunny getaway. They can be worn for various activities but most importantly protecting your eyes against the sun. This accessory staple should be with you at all times during your vacation.

#8  Romper

A romper is easy to wear and style whether you’re just hanging out with your friends at the bar or a night out. Pair with either sandals or sneakers for an effortless look.


Essentials at The Club

#9 Dress

Bring that sexy dress that fits in all the right places. Little black dress? Check!

#10 Heels

Don’t forget your heels to match. It’s a fact that you’re gonna go club hopping or to a lavish restaurant and no one goes in shorts and sandals.


Happy Spring Break from Brick & Portal!

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