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Summertime Movie Marathon

by Team Brick & Portal
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Summer weather not in your favor today? No worries! Brick & Portal has a plan B! We’ve rounded up our favorite classic movies that will give you the summer feels! So grab the popcorn, your bae, and the remote and enjoy these sweet films!


#1 The Parent Trap

Pre-Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan times two, plus British accents, summer camp handshakes, impromptu haircuts, at-home piercings, silly butlers, & Dennis Quaid, what else do you need? Check out these initially separated twins that plot to switch places after their summer camp vacay, finally getting the chance to meet their other parent. Break out the Oreos and peanut butter for this one!


#2 The Sandlot

If you’ve never seen this film, “you’re killin’ me smalls!” Take on a summer adventure of these young boys in the summer of 1962 that has it all: treehouses, swimming pools, a neighbor’s scary dog and baseball! It’s all fun and games until the boys face the challenge of the summer when they lose their Babe Ruth-signed baseball over the neighbor’s fence!


#3 My Girl

Eleven-year-old Vada Sultenfuss attempts to navigate the summer of ‘72 through some hangups with her dad, his new girlfriend, and her own huge crush on her English teacher. By her side is her best friend Thomas (a super young & adorable Macaulay Culkin) who helps her on the brink of her pre-teen years. Warning: this movie is heartfelt but also sad, grab the tissue box, first!


#4 Almost Famous

Follow this young aspiring journalist who mistakenly gets hired by Rolling Stone to tour with a famous rock band, Stillwater, where he parties in the 70’s in a wild rock & roll world with the apple of his eye, Penny Lane (a young Kate Hudson). We love this film for its coming-of-age story and its killer soundtrack!


#5 Jaws

The blockbuster of all blockbusters, this summer flick shows an epic chase of the great white shark that has terrorized the beach tourists of Amity Island. Warning, you may not want to go swimming too soon after this, but this classic is worth it. “We’re gonna need a bigger ‘T.V.’”


#6 Before Sunrise

When two strangers meet on a train and instantly hit it off, they decide to get off and explore Vienna together for only one night. Follow the spontaneous pair as they wander the city and fall for each other before sunrise. Can’t get enough of this adorable flick? There’s more, be sure to check out Before Sunset & Before Midnight to really fall for this movie marathon.


#7 Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

What happens when you leave a bunch of teens alone for the summer of ‘91 and the babysitter isn’t around anymore? Party and fun right - but not without any cash! Check out Sue Ellen’s (Christina Applegate) attempt at adulthood when she gets a big-time fashion job and has to get her siblings through the summer without telling mom!


#8 Dirty Dancing

This summer romance film is one of Swayze’s best! Watch as Baby falls for her summer resort’s dance instructor and they practice for the season’s big finale, we’re pretty sure you’ll have the time of your life. PS: Don’t pretend you don’t wish your nickname was Baby.


Let us know which one of these classic summer flicks is your favorite in the comments below! Enjoy!

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