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The Pizza Diet You've Always Wanted

by Team Brick & Portal
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Trying to get your summer body ready on the fly? Here’s what we’re doing: Pizza Diet. Yes - you read that correctly. Thanks to our friend Pasquale Cozzolino who got super fit eating only fresh, authentic pizza, the pizza diet is legit and we’re loving it!

It all started when a Naples-native, Chef Pasquale weighed in at 370 pounds and was disappointed with other popular diets. He wanted to figure out a diet that worked for his lifestyle and was inspired by a nutritionist friend of his who said, “choose one food you like, that makes you happy every day,” and voila! The pizza diet was born.

You might be wondering, “does this diet really work?” Yes! Pasquale has lost nearly 100 pounds and counting since starting this wonderful Neapolitan eatery!

The Pizza Diet heard around the world - Pasquale is really making some waves!

Does this mean you can have your $2.50 slice from the corner every day - not quite! Pasquale started his pizza diet with authentically made pizza at his own restaurant, Ribalta, in East Village. “This pizza is not junk food,” as he puts it. His Neapolitan pies are made with only four ingredients: flour, water, sea salt and natural yeast. The pies are 82 percent water and only 570 calories! Lunch at Ribalta tomorrow? Yes, please!

Want to get in on this diet to be #swimsuitready this summer? Check out his book, The Pizza Diet, ASAP to get Pasquale’s tips & tricks!

Here’s a shot of Chef Pasquale Cozzolino telling Brick & Portal’s CEO Anjelika Kour and Brick & Portal Blogger Kathryn Roberts about which pizza is most fashionable!

“The most fashionable pizza is the one that attracts everybody - and which one better than Margherita?”

There you have it! Don’t forget to get the must-have book of the decade for more info on the diet you’ve always wanted, or check out Ribalta for a bite of his tasty & healthy pizza! Who knew pizza and dieting could come together the yummiest way possible?


Psst… stay tuned next weekend when we come back to Ribalta as part of our Brick & Portal weekend extravaganza! 🎉


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