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The Ultimate Guide to Cracking the Millennial Code

by Team Brick & Portal
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Millennial Glossary Lingo Brickandportal

With the evolution of social media and texting, millennials seem to be taking the virtual world by a storm. Millennials are trendy and cool with some of the most innovative and popular social media posts on the planet!

Their captions are filled with hashtags and cool slogans, and their daily conversations are filled with vocabulary that often seems unknown to mankind. For those struggling to understand the daily lingo of a millennial, we have the top 10 terms you need to know in order to crack the code on the millennial lingo.

And who knows, maybe you can use some of these words in your vocabulary too!

Spill The Tea (speel-the-tee)

Spill The Tea Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

The act of telling an extremely juicy bit gossip to someone:

          “ Did you hear about the catfight on the catwalk?”

          “ Girl, no! Spill the tea.”

Lit (luh-it)

Lit Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

When something or someone is overly energetic, fun, and cool:

          “ Are you at the party?”

          “Yeah, this party is lit! “

Zaddy (z-add-ie)

Zaddy Millennial Lingo Glossary Brickandportal

A man who is naturally confident and has a great sense of fashion which gives him an enormous amount of sex appeal to onlookers:

          “OMG, did you just see him...He was such a ZADDY!”

Fire (fi-er)

Fire Millennial Glossary Brickandportal

Something that is incredible, untouchable, unlike any other:

          “Aye, did you see how much swag that girl had?”

          “Yooo, she’s straight fire bro!”

G.O.A.T. (guh-oat)

G.O.A.T. Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

Acronym for the “Greatest of All Time.”  Typically used for an extremely popular, successful, and achieved person:

          “Bruh, Versace’s the G.O.A.T.“

Shade (shuh-aide)

Throw a Shade Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

Casually dissing or disrespecting someone or something:

          “I’ve been doing sit-ups to work on my abs.”

          “You could stand to do a couple more...”

          “You throwin’ shade?”

Boujee (boo-jie)

Boujee Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

One who is extremely high-class and possess extreme amounts of swag:

          “Look at her shoes.”

          “Yeah, she’s bad and boujee.”

On Fleek (on-fluh-eek)

On Fleek Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

A term used to describe perfection:

          “Her eyebrows are on fleek.”

Woke (wuh-oke)

Woke Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

A state of being aware:

          “I love how she always seems to know a solution.”

          “Yeah, she stays woke.”

Snatched (snuh-atched)

Snatched Millennial Lingo Brickandportal

A term used to refer to good-looking people or outfits:

           “Damn, they look snatched!”

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