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THE YEAR OF ULTRA VIOLET Brickandportal how to wear ultraviolet

It’s official- the color of the year 2018 has been announced and it is PANTONE 18-3838, aka, Ultra Violet. This is big news for fashion and design trends, as the enigmatic purple shade has become synonymous with unconventionality and personal expressions of individuality. Iconic musical artists such as Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix were known for bringing this color to pop-culture, as it was seen as a symbol of non-conformity and creativity.

how to wear ultraviolet color of the year brickandportal moschino

The blue-based purple shade of Ultra Violet has historically been linked to spiritual and mystical qualities, along with its association to mindful practices, such as meditation and relaxation techniques. The unique purple shade is energizing and intuitive, suggesting that the creative world should continue to push boundaries, while also having a mysterious and complex intrigue. Ultra Violet lights the way for us to explore the allure and fascination of what lies ahead. In fashion, it is expected to see designers creatively using this color in their collections to reflect all the social, political, and spiritual implications of the color Ultra Violet.

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In fact, many designers have already been embracing the color. Gucci’s Spring 2018 collection featured over several head-to-toe ensembles in Ultra Violet, along with presenting the collection under flashing Ultra Violet strobe lights during Milan Fashion Week. The Gucci Spring 2018 collection itself had a very 80s vibe, which is ironically the era when Ultra Violet emerged in pop-culture through Prince and David Bowie. The show was accompanied by intergalactic-inspired music, symbolizing another aspect of the color- space, the limitless night sky, and the desire to discover a world beyond what we know.

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Along with Gucci, many other high-end designers have been featuring Ultra Violet ensembles in their recent collections. Other design and art elements will surely be using the color. The Ultra Violet trend will without a doubt be reflected in nail art, as well. And when you are ready to rock the Ultra Violet color on your nails, there is an app called Snailz you can download on your phone and book an appointment at your favorite nail salon, wherever you are. Also to mention, the Snailz app uses an Ultra Violet shade as its brand logo. A perfect app for the year of Ultra Violet. 💅

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Although Ultra Violet is one of the most complex colors, fashion brands have found a way to make the color more wearable through creation of unique designs that push boundaries- the very purpose and spirit of what the color embodies. Every start to a new year brings the desire for lifestyle changes and starting over. With the recent beginning of the year 2018, Ultra Violet brings a fresh and revitalizing appeal that is needed under such turbulent sociopolitical times. The color brings to life the energy and optimism that is needed. The times are changing and with that, Ultra Violet is a color to be reckoned with in the fashion world and in pop-culture. Check out some of our favorite Ultra Violet looks by designers who have adopted and embraced the color.

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