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Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

by Team Brick & Portal
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Does this NYC weather have you dreaming on Spring Break? Us too! Now’s a great time to start planning your spring vacay! From pool parties to soaking up the sun, these five spots are our favorite places to go for Spring Break!

Austin, Texas

Go someplace new! We know your first instinct might have been to book a flight to Miami but Austin is an up and coming party city! It has a great nightlife scene, sunny weather, and all the barbecue cuisine you could eat! This secret getaway is slowly gaining popularity because of it’s SXSW Music Festival and Conference that hosts musicians, artists, filmmakers and comedians from all over the world. Check out Austin this break and get your Southern hospitality on!

Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens here stays here... or gets posted on Instagram. Las Vegas is the epicenter of partying at VIP clubs, DJ-hosted pool parties, and upscale casinos. You’re guaranteed to find a place to have fun along The Strip at any time of the day. Go to world renown restaurants, see some Vegas entertainment, and let go of your inhibitions, but maybe skip the trip to the little chapel afterward!


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a classic spring break destination because of its “Hotel Zone” which is a strip of fabulous resorts miles long, sitting right along the coast of Cancun’s beautiful beach. Spring Breakers love Cancun because all of the resorts are all-inclusive, can you say unlimited drinks on the beach? There won’t be an issue finding a party at your resort, the beach, or even the local bars and clubs. We see why MTV loved this spot for Spring Break!


Los Angeles, California

LA’s best time is in the spring, check it out and find out why La La Land won so many Oscars! Tinseltown is filled with so much to do whether it’s looking for celebrities, touring movie lots all around the city, or hiking in the Hollywood Hills. LA is filled with a bustling nightlife and phenomenal eats. Besides, who wouldn’t want to rub elbows with their favorite stars? Visit the beaches, bike along the sand or just sit back and enjoy the Cali sun!


Miami, Florida

There’s a reason everyone goes to Miami for their spring break getaway - it has the perfect balance of day-time relaxation and nightlife fun, and gives you and island feel without the island price. This beach city is a celeb and fashion hotspot with Miami Fashion week hosted during the last week in May. Be sure to shop the boutique hotels sprawled along the beach and if you’re a fan of EDM, grab tickets to Ultra Music Festival before March ends!


There you have it, check out one of these top five destinations for a Spring Break you’ll never forget!


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