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Top 6 Brands We Love

by Team Brick & Portal
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We know some of you finished all your shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but for those of you just getting started on holiday wish lists for this month, we wrapped up a top five of our favorite retailers and all that we love them for! Keep these brands in mind when shopping for your loved ones this season!

#6 What we love: Nike

     Why we love it: Its footwear

Nike is the “Regina George” of shoes. They’re constantly setting new trends and their athletic wear is on point. They’ve got training shoes for any kind of athlete, whether it’s kickboxing, running, dancing or doing yoga, Nike has just the right shoe to keep your feet happy, all the time.


#5 What we love: Burberry

     Why we love it: It's for Men & Women

If your boyfriend is nagging you to stop shopping online all the time, do you stop shopping? Of course, not, you shop this brand and add something for him to your cart. Problem solved. Sure, lots of brands are equally as fashion-forward for men as they are for women, but their classic cashmere scarves in every print from plain to plaid are such a signature look that slays for you or your man.


#4 What we love: J. Crew

     Why we love it: It's Always on Sale

This brand is great when you need some retail therapy. With very simple pieces, J. Crew has stylish essentials perfect for any wardrobe, so chances are you’ll find something you love (or something for your loved ones) at a discount.


#3 What we love: Ralph Lauren

     Why we love it: It's Got Everything

Ralph Lauren is the super-store of everything fashion, with clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything in between. Not to mention the company has several brands including Polo, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Denim & Supply, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Collection, and even children’s wear, (and more)! We told you, Ralph Lauren has everything. Shop away.

#2 What we love: Saint Laurent

     Why we love it: Its Quality

This brand is definitely one step ahead in fashion and usually setting the standard for a new trend, but that’s not the only reason we love it. Yves Saint Laurent is also great for its quality and sophistication.

#1 What we love: Bloomingdale's

     Why we love it: It’s the ultimate department store

Not finding something you love at our other favorite brands? Well, Bloomingdale’s is our go-to brand department store since it carries all the brands we love: Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Vince, and more! Hint: This season is the best time to go if you’re in NYC, go see the super fun holiday spirited window displays on Lexington Avenue, and get yourself an iconic “Little Brown Bag.”

With our top five favorite retailers, your friends & family are lucky to be getting gifts from you this year!




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