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Welcome to Brick & Portal

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Welcome to Brick & Portal

“If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty.” -unknown

Welcome to the land of style muses! You will never believe what just happened to me. Okay, so lots of things happen in New York City. It’s called the “City That Never Sleeps” for a reason. I stayed awake with the glistening city lights, anxiously waiting for the e-mail with the infamous ampersand logo. Early that morning, the ping sound rang against the steady rhythm of my resting heart rate. I tossed aside my “1000 thread count Egyptian cotton” sheets and slipped into my cashmere slippers that contrasted against the bamboo floors. The notification of the incoming email continued to illuminate, signaling me as I made my way over. I wasn’t fully awake then, but I sure was about to be. My fingers delicately lingered on the track pad before I pressed onto it to read the message. I didn’t even have to read past the ‘Congratulations’ to know what the rest of the email said. I got the job at Brick & Portal! The company doesn’t ring a bell for you? Allow me to introduce us to you then, my fashion beauts. Here at Brick & Portal, we are taking steps to revamp how we engage and interact with fashion. So, let’s ponder for a minute - who is it, really? Well, that’s a great question because it isn’t about who we are, it’s what we are. Brick & Portal is every fashionista’s dream brought to reality. We are designed to connect influencers and curators like yourself to the top brands and retailers from across the globe. For the first time, you will be the creator of what it means to be stylish, expressing and showing it off to the world.

But that’s not all — guess what I just overheard? Hmmm…it’s hush hush fellow influencers, because we aren’t quite ready yet! #sorrynotsorry You know what “they” say: patience is a virtue, darling. Don’t worry, the wait is almost over though. We are very excited to announce that the Brick & Portal team will officially be launching our rad website in the Winter of 2015…and the line is already out the door! We are so popular, we’ve reached capacity for early registration #oops! Get on our waiting list so you can experience the magic we fashion fairies have been brewing up.

Make sure to check in on this blog to stay up-to-date with our latest projects and stylin’ new ideas; I have a plethora to share with you about Brick & Portal. Have a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out)? Hurry!!! Subscribe to our exclusive announcements so you are never out of the loop. Be prepared to influence and be influenced.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Global Tastemaker? Join the waiting list and we shall see…

Happy trendsetting!

Unicorns Unite,
Brett Ashley for Brick & Portal

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