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What to do for Girl's Night

by Team Brick & Portal
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A girl’s night out is a great way to unwind and relax when you have a busy schedule. It’s a time for letting your hair down with your closest friends and forgetting about your responsibilities. These are the different ways that Brick & Portal likes to spend having a girl’s night out.


A Girl’s Dinner Date

Going out to dinner with your friends is not overrated. This is the perfect option for foodies to hit up the newest and trendiest restaurants in the city to indulge in appetizing cuisine.


Girl’s Night of Dancing

Showing up at a dance club seems like an obvious choice when going out, but it never gets old. Dance the night away with your friends and maybe some celebrities in the most exclusive clubs in the city.


A Girl’s Night In

A night in is ideal for binge-watching Netflix with your girls when you all want to chill. The possibilities are endless with this idea from cooking, baking, mani-pedis, etc. you’ll have a good night staying in by saving your hard earned cash.


A Girl’s Sports Day

If you and your friends aren’t into sports, then try something completely different. Sports are a great way to bond and cheer on your home team.


A Girl’s Spa Day

The ultimate way to relax with your squad is to visit the spa. Release all your stress while getting a massage and get ready to take on the week again.


Treat yourself and your girls to a much-deserved ladies night!


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