Santini Hive Vest - Men's

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Chill-proof.One of the perks of Competitive being based in northern Utah is that we're surrounded by amazing scenery and climbing terrain. But — like all cyclists with day jobs — our out-of-the-saddle obligations limit our ability to explore that terrain to either the weekend or the hours book-ending our workday. For those of us who choose the early-morning option for weekday rides, kit like Santini's Hive Vest is a required addition to the ride. Whether your planned ride corresponds with some inclement weather or a pre-dawn chill, the Hive's water-resistant, windproof Windtex membrane keeps the elements from throwing you off your pace. Stretch inserts in the shoulder and elastic, silicone grip at the hem keeps the protection in place and unrestricted. The Hive packs down to stow in a jersey pocket, so the pre-dawn cyclist can hit the mouth of a punishing climb like our own Little Cottonwood Canyon at 6:00, hit the top a little after 7:00, and throw on the Hive before hitting the fast, sweeping descent. While reaching speeds of 40 or 50mph on descents in heat isn't bad, we find that temperatures under 75 degrees Fahrenheit often warrant a little wind protection to suppress high-speed shivering that can exacerbate any speed wobbles. Tech SpecsMaterialWindtexFitrelaxedHoodnoRecommended UsecyclingManufacturer Warranty1 year
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