The go-to brand for eyes, Eyeko was founded in 1999 – the result of makeup veterans and partners Max and Nina Leykind’s shared vision to open eyes everywhere to a new idea of beauty. Their focus? Creating an eye wardrobe that really works for you.

In the last two decades, Eyeko reinvented mascara with the signature zero-waste squeezy tubes and developed enriching, pro-vitamin formulas with unique, body-boosting brushes that offer instant results, easy application, and long-term lash care.

Eyeko is a London brand at heart, putting the city’s edgy energy into everything they do. Eyeko even caught the eye of Alexa Chung – she calls their eyeliners ‘the best in the business’. The British style icon previously worked with Eyeko as a creative consultant and brand ambassador adding her creative flair and beauty know-how to cult classics like Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liners.