Kat Von D

Hyper-performance vegan makeup!

Kat Von D is obsessed with making sure everything she makes is perfect. She tests all our products, and then she wears ’em every day! Every shade was named by Kat and she sketches her heart out creating the original artwork that’s on each piece.

As a vegan and animal activist, Kat Von D is committed to creating hyper-performance beauty products that are completely free of animal-derived ingredients and never tested on animals. That means you can conceal, contour, and create with confidence—knowing your products aren’t harming animals.

Now, this was no easy feat, but Kat was up to the challenge. She nixed common cosmetic ingredients such as beeswax and carmine (a red dye made from beetles) and opted for kinder alternatives without ever compromising color.

Beauty junkies and animal lovers can make compassionate choices without sacrificing bold, beautiful pigment and everlasting wear.